Saturday, February 11, 2012

More clamps ... Oh, so lovely!

My little box of sex toys have gotten another new addition from the good people at Eden Fantasys. This is the first toy I'm not a 100% satisfied with. At the same time I think this is the toy that will quickly become my personal favourite.

I immediately chose these nipple clamps from my list of options. There was really no doubt if I wanted them or not. What I chose was a set Y-style clamps with clit clamp.
Now, I've already got my Butterfly Clamps. I suspect those will soon become any sadists favourite, since they really, really hurt!

The Y-style clamps however, will soon become the favourite of any masochist like me. I'm not a painslut, but I do enjoy pain. To a certain level.

The only thing that made me a bit anxious about the set was the clit clamp. Wot? A clamp on my clit? BIG ouch possibilities!

When I got the box I was happy with the fact that it felt rather heavy. In it there were shiny chain and clamps that can be adjusted. Which is one of the reasons why I chose this set among all the other nipple clamps. I like the fact that they can be adjusted. That way my Dom can give me both pleasure and pain with the same set. No swithing gear or fiddling about. All he has to do is tighten the screws to vary the grade of pain. Or pleasure ...

Then I opened the box, and the first disappointment came. The chains ... They're not as heavy as they look. Personally I'd rather have thinner chain, that matches the weight. Although these chains are made from metal they feel kinda plasticky. I'm gonna try them out a few times more, and then I'll consider if I want to switch them out with some heavier chain. No problem for me, since I'm a DIY kinda person, but not everyone wants to bother with stuff like that.
The reason why I may wanna replace them with something heavier is that I want that weight on my nipples. At the same time the manufacturers may have chosen a light chain on purpose. It's a lot of chain when the clit clamp is attached, so it may be that a heavier chain would just be TOO heavy.
But, heavy or not ... they look really cool with those thick chains.

Let's adress disappointment number two straightaway shall we? The rubber ends on the clamps. They fall of when the clamp isn't tightened propely. Not a big problem, but I'd rather not have them fall off in my toy bag. Nothing a dash of glue can't fix it in no time though.
Something that more than weighs off the fact that I need to get out a tube of glue, is that on Eden Fantasys web page they're labeled as latex free. Now, my latex allergy isn't so bad that I need to stay away from clamps with latex on them. I think ... But if I'm given the option between latex and latex free I'll always choose the latter. Also, I know women who under no circumstances whatsoever could have worn these clamps if there was latex in them. So I'll more than gladly recommend both the clamps and Eden Fantasys to them.

Now, lets get down to buisness here. The clamps. How do I like them??


I didn't at first. Because I couldn't tighten them enough to keep the falling off. Then I realized I was turning the screw the wrong way ... DOH!

So, lesson learned. I did it the correct way, and it didn't take me long before I had both nipple clamps screwed on just tight enough to make it fell pretty great. I had no problem tightening them just enough so that they gave me chills and shivers and all those wonderful feelings I was hoping to get. Pulling on the chain made it feel even better. During play I suspect my Dom now will have an easy shorcut to giving me instant orgasms. Or, to just keep me on the brink of them. Delicious torture.

Then there was the clit clamp. I had actually decided that I'd just hide it on the bottom on my box, it being easily detachable and all. But hey, the things I do for my readers. I figured I can't  write a proper review if I haven't tried the whole product.

I drew my breath, braced myself and fastened the clamp. OH! It felt ... great! I never would have thought! And here I was, not even in the right kind of mood. Just really curious and too impatient to waith for my Dom to come visit. Pleasurealert!

Ofcourse I had to tighten them all the way aswell. And yes, they can hurt. But, at a more tolerable level than the Butterfly Clamps.

So, all in all. Despite of those small details I wasn't too happy about. This is my favourite sex toy so far. Considering the fact that they can both hurt and give great pleasure, they can soon become a favourite for both masochist and sadist.

Sex toys - EdenFantasys adult toys store

 "This product was provided to me free of charge by Eden Fantasys in exchange for an unbiased review. This review is in compliance with the FTC guidelines."

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