Sunday, June 2, 2013

The X-files, part 7

Ahhhh, the fond memories of the first time I spaced out because of sex ...

As usual there's a huge tmi'alert for those of you who doesn't want to know about the intimate parts of my sexlife ;) ... 

Fucked into subspace

- Ride me, he said

It was the end of a wonderful evening. We had gotten an unexpected opportunity to spend the night together, and didn't hesitate to take it.
I took his cock out of my mouth and eagerly led it into my pussy instead. I let out a moan as he entered me. It felt so good to have him inside me. To watch him smile at me, to see him enjoy himself as I moved my body on top of him.
I love that. Watching him when we have sex. He's so relaxed when it comes to that. No posing, no showing off. Not hiding what he feels. So when I'm with him I don't close my eyes as much as I've done with my previous lovers. I watch him, I smile back when he smiles at me. But, most of all I enjoy the experience.

- May I come? I moaned.
- Not yet, he whispered ...
So I waited, fought back the orgasm. Kept it leashed, right there on the brink of ecstasy until I was allowed to come.
- Come! Come for me my whore!

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

The X-files, part 5

As usual, there's a tmi-alert for those of my friends who doesnt want to know intimate details about me ;)

Breakfast with a twist

So it was morning. Coffee was ready in time, baguettes were in the oven and the table was set for breakfast. In spite of the cold weather outside it was nice and warm in the kitchen. Which was good for me since I was dressed as I usually was when Master was at my place. Skimpy dress and nothing else.

Ding! Baguettes we're done and I placed them on the table. Master came with his coffee cup and sat down. I was getting ready to join Master for breakfast when he told me to suck his cock. I looked at him. He was already sitting at the table, so the only way to obey his order was by crawling underneath it. So I did ...

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

The X-files, Part 4

When I reread this I felt almost as nervous as when it happened. Do I regret it? No. Will I ever do it again? Don't know really. Right now it doesn't feel that way, but things change

TMI alert for my friends

So, I did it. He shared me

I did it! I followed Sir’s wishes and he shared me with one of his friends. There's no regret. No shame. None of those feelings of bad morals that I'm supposed to have. Just pride and gratitude to Sir for allowing me to have this experience. For guiding me through it.

I was wide awake the moment the alarm clock went off. This was the day. The day he would share me with his friends for the first time. I felt the nervousness in my body, that little knot of anxious anticipation in my chest.

Thursday, February 7, 2013

The X-files, Part 3

Originally I posted this pretty late in the series, but this time I've chosen to put it where it should have been posted in the first place. Fond memories of a few stolen hours.

As per usual I send a huge TMI-alert to those of my friends who would prefer not to know explicit details about my sex life.

Booty call 1

So, I had a few hours to spend between dropping off one kid and picking up another. An offer to visit Sir was greatly appreciated. It had been planned for a few days, and if everything was on schedule we'd have three wonderful hours.
Of course nothing was on schedule. One tiny delay followed the other, and before I knew it I was delayed by one hour. Fortunately it worked out, so that we still had our three hours.
I was so nervous when I got closer to where he lived! It was only the second time we met for play, and I was late! Would I get punished for that? I imagined myself getting one lash of the belt for each minute I was late. Like I did when I forgot to put on the coffee.

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

The X-files, Part 2

I've been putting this off for ages. Reposting these reports that I wrote is a bit scary now that my blog isn't anonymous anymore.
What will people think? Will they judge? Do I really care if they do?

I don't know if I'll ever do the things I did back then again. A part of me would like to say never. But then again I know that things change when you're in a good D/s-relationship. Things that were scary and unthinkable aren't anymore.

But for now I'll just settle for the occasional trip down memory lane.

As in X-files, Part 1 I have to warn you about the HUGE TMI-factor(Too Much Information) in this post. There are explicit details about my sexual life. You are hereby warned ;-)

So, He wants to share me

He wants to tie my arms behind my back, make me kneel on the floor and make me give blow jobs to his friends. He wants to fuck me from behind while I suck his friends cock. Eventually he wants his friends to use me any way that they please as long as it doesn't break any of my red limits. Sometimes he'll participate, sometimes he'll just watch, and sometimes I'll be on my own with just the orders I've been given.
Ok, this is where you stop being angry at my behalf. It was actually my idea. I've dreamt about this for years. Of being a slave so wholly and fully that he can use me as it pleases in any and all ways. Including letting others use me if he so wishes.

I'm back

Whoah! I haven’t written in here since late June last year! I didn’t realize it was that long ago …

Well, life was very hard for a while, and everything got put on hold. Remember my post “Yesterday”? What that doctor told us was that my mom had cancer. So the next months were filled with grief, worrying, exhaustion and just learning how to cope.

She died in May. Only a few weeks after her birthday.

I’ve only just felt that I’ve started living again. It feels like I’ve only … well, existed the past year.

So it’s time to start trying to be active with my blog again.

Friday, June 29, 2012

So, what's this BDSM-thing really?

That's a question I've been thinking about a lot lately. Both because my vanilla friends have been asking me, and because I've started checking out vanilla men. Which just feels rather pointless.

Well, I know what we DO ofcourse. I know about D/s, bondage, flogging, masochism, consent, fetishes and so on.

But what IS it? Is it just a "hobby"? Is it just something I like? Is it a preference? Or is it something stronger, something more ... basic? Like a basic need for all these things. Something I can't do without, something that I’ll sorely miss if I end up in a vanilla relationship?

Because let's face it. Finding a kinky boyfriend is hard. Atleast in Norway. Atleast for me it seems.

The English Wikipedia lists BDSM as a sexual preference. While the Norwegian one defines it as an orientation.
Which one should I choose to believe? Or … should I believe any of them? After all, we all know that Wikipedia is an undependable source of information sometimes.

If it’s a preference then it implies that it’s a voluntary choice. Does it mean that I’ve chosen to be like this? That I simply find vanilla sex to be boring?