Sunday, February 12, 2012

Happy Valentines Day!

Only 2 days left to Valentines Day now. It’s not really a big deal here in Norway. In spite of desperate attempts to make it so by all the shops that sells flowers, cards and heart shaped candy.

I can’t really decide if I like the Valentines Day or not … I don’t think I’ve ever gotten any special attention on that day, so I’ve never had the chance to test it out.

Also, it interferes with my birthday! Being born just around both Valentines Day and the Norwegian Mothers Day tends to lessen the value of all three days out a bit. “Happy Birthday” just doesn’t have the same ring to it when an “Oh, just so you know … That includes Mothers Day and Valentines as well.” is included.

But, I guess I’ll just have to learn to live with that. I really don’t think there’s a man alive that will bother to make 3 days in a row seem special in their own way. And they don’t seem to realize that Valentines is supposed to be about THEM aswell ...

But I digress … I was really going to address those of you whoare actually planning to do something special for Valentines.
Do you have something planned? Are you the type who plans things weeks or even months in advance? Do you wing it? Or do you simply panic?

Don’t worry, there’s still lots you can do … and now I’m not just talking about the men. If you girls suspect your significant other is planning something. It’s only fair that you do something back. Getting an “Oh, I didn’t bother doing something”-type of response really doesn’t make anyone want to make an effort for the next special occasion. Believe me, I know …

Sooo … what to do when there’s only 2 days left?

Some webstores will actually be able to deliver a gift over night, so that’s worth checking out.

Gift certificates is kind of an easy way out, but if you make an effort with how it’s delivered it will still be a welcome gift.
What about attaching it to a nice bouquet of flowers? Or putting it inside a box of candy? Making a treasure hunt out of it can make it a fun experience.

Fortunately for those of you that didn’t start planning Valentines 10 seconds after Christmas was over, the stores are open tomorrow

Think! What does he/she wish for? Do you know of something they don’t even realize they want? Maybe something they mentioned in a casual conversation months ago?

And, does it really have to be heart shaped jewelry and silly little bears? What about a nice set of tools for the handy person and some crafting materials for the artistic one? Or tickets for the movies, books, cd’s etc …

And then there’s the “Gift certificate” for something personal.
What about 10 vouchers for orgasms? Massage? Oral sex?

Vouchers for a cozy night on the couch, or for a night with the girls. Watching football with the guys. Doing the dishes …

Make a meal …
Together, or for your loved one.

Write “I love you” in the steam on the mirror if you shower first.

Send textmessages throughout the day.

Enjoy the day.

SHOW that you CARE!

And most importantly … Even though this is the day when you’re “supposed” to show your loved one how much you care. You can actually do that in both small and big ways all year round. Don’t let an entire year pass before you do something romantic again.

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  1. Usually I don't know what to do on valentines day , but next year I am prepared! I am going to make bacon Roses! Hope you had a good Valentines Day, Mothers Day, and of course the most important Birthday.