Saturday, November 19, 2011

Rules for life ...

G.I.D (glad i deg) = ILU (I Love You)

Life just gave me a rude wakeup-call … It made me realize that some things are more important in life than others. Here’s my new “rules” for life, feel free to adopt them as your own:

Tell people you love them, often. You never know when it’s your last chance to do so.

Buy flowers for those you love NOW. They won’t be able to enjoy them if you wait until you have to put flowers on their grave.

Don’t let anyone sit alone on the holidays

Make sure your children know their grandparents

Do things together, create good memories

Turn the tv and laptop off during meals, talk about your day instead

Don’t stay mad. A disagreement is rarely so bad that it’s worth hating eachother for the rest of your lives …

Say “I love you, but right now I don’t like you very much”, instead of claiming that you hate someone you actually love

Don’t yell. Talk

Don’t critizise unless you have to. Give praise as often as possible, without overdoing it

There’s something good and beautiful in everyone. Make an effort to find it instead of looking for flaws in a person

Be tolerant

Take care of your health. The people that love you are just as afraid of loosing you, as you are of loosing them.

Call your parents atleast once a week, but don’t forget to visit them aswell

Make new traditions for your family, don’t forget the old ones

Last but not least …

Remember that Destiny is a cruel mistress. You never know when she’ll decide to take away someone you love

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  1. Beautiful post.
    The line between life and death is more finite than we like to believe.