Sunday, July 24, 2011

Beautiful glass ...

A few days ago I got a new addition to my collection of sex toys from the wonderful people at Eden Fantasys. I was rather curious about this one, since I didn't choose it myself. Kayla, my contact a Eden Toys recommended it since my last g-spot toy turned out to be a bit too big for me.

The toy I received is the Amethyst glass dildo, and was selected from the vide variety of dildos that Eden Fantasys offer.

This one is, as I mentioned above, made of glass. It's blue and absolutely beautiful. It almost looks like a piece of art, something that you could keep on your shelf for everyone to see. There's no sharp edges, no flaws, no weaknesses in the glass. It's a small piece of perfection.

It's a "double end dildo". So it's possible to use it in several ways. Both ends can be used, giving you the possibilty to receive different sensations from the same toy. Also I think both ends could be used for anal play.
The slender size makes it easy to insert, even if you're a bit tight as I am. The smoothness lessens the need for lubricants for many. If you still prefer to use a lubricant I imagine it will prove very effective.

Since the material is glass you have an excellent opportunity to desinfect it in ways that you cannot use on regular toys without the risk of ruining them. So if you like to share your toys, this is certainly a choice to consider.

Needless to say ... this is a waterproof toy. You can use it both in the shower and the bathtub. Be aware however, that glass gets slippery when wet, so make sure you don't drop it.

It comes in a red velvet bag. Giving it an even more luxurious feel than it already has. The bag isn't thick enough to keep it safe should you happen to drop it however, so you might want to consider something else to store it in.

The other day I was really happy that it was in this bag. When I got it I put it in my bedroom, under my nightstand with my other toys. The next day a friend came to visit, bringing her small dog ...
At one point I realized the dog wasn't in the livingroom. Where was she? Some faint sounds from the bedroom pointed me in the right direction. And there she was, right next to the red velvet bag that she'd dragged out on the floor. "Look what I found" she seemed to say. Wagging her tail and looking happy.
She seemed a bit disappointed when I took it from her and hid it.

Needless to say ... Next week I'm getting a box from my toys.

Sex toys - EdenFantasys adult toys store

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