Thursday, August 11, 2011

So, it's been quiet from me for a while. I've been busy with my summer vacation. And I've had long visits from a couple of my wonderful, kinky friends. For those of you who hope for a juicy story now ... I'm sorry. Although my friends are kinky, their visit was very un-kinky. Girls just aren't my thing.

I'm getting used to my single, celibate life now. Offers from various men doesn't even tempt me. I want that special someone. And right now, today, I feel that it's ok to wait. I may change my mind tomorrow though. I've learned not to be too set in what I feel and think. M taught me that. If he hadn't been able to talk me into playing with him I would have missed out on some pretty wonderful and exciting months.

That being said, some innocent fun with friends online and on munches doesn't really count as the kind of play I only want to have with whomever it is I end up with. It's just for fun.
The kind of play I want to avoid is the more intimate kind. Or, the things that feels intimate for me.
That includes: Anything involving nudity. My breasts and genitals. Stay awaaay! Flogging, whipping and caning. Hey, I'm a masochist remember? That does get personal. Also, anything that sends me into subspace. That happens kind of quickly sometimes, so I'll just have to decide on that if I end up in a situation where that might happen.

While I'm talking about M. This blog started because I was playing with him. Without all those reports it feels a bit empty. So I've decided I'll rewrite some of my old posts, edit out the most sexually explicit details. I'll repost them one by one as they get done.

And uhm , those short stories I promised you? They're still in the making. I haven't done much writing this summer. They will come though.

Until next time. Take care and enjoy the sun :)

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