Monday, November 7, 2011

The first kiss

One of the advantages of being single, is that you can flirt with whomever you want. Another advantage is that you have the opportunity to experience that magical first kiss. Of course, not all first kisses are magical. Some are “just” nice, some are really good, and a few are just awkward.
But, every once in a while you get to experience the kind of first kiss that inspires movies, romantic novels, art and poetry.

The thing about that kind of kiss I’m talking about is that it starts a while before the kiss itself. It starts with flirting, or a look, by bumping into each other at a party. It starts when you meet someone who makes you FEEL them, even though you’re not even touching each other. Do you know the feeling I’m talking about? When you KNOW he’s standing behind you, even though you can’t see or hear him. But you can tell that he’s there from the way your skin tingles, your breath catches in your chest, your heartbeat quickens. If he’s sitting next to you it gets hard to concentrate, you feel that you may as well be naked.

Then, when that magical moment finally arrives. When you realize he’s going to kiss you. For a brief moment, time stops. All of the sudden you’re extremely aware of HIM, and the rest if the world is blurred out.

Hopefully, if you’re lucky. That won’t be the last time you kiss him (or her, if that’s your preference). Hopefully, that won’t be the last time one of his kisses has that magical feel to it.

Let’s just cross our fingers, shall we?

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