Monday, May 23, 2011

Toys toys toys ...

I must admit, toys have been a pretty scary thing for me. I've tried several toys over the years, and they've all HURT! So I've never really understood what all the fuzz with toys was about.

Last fall however, a friend suggested that maybe I was allergic to latex? For some idiotic reason, the thought had never occured to me!
I bought some latexfree condoms, and put one of them on one of my dildo's. I was certain that it would still hurt, but it didn't. It actually felt quite good!

However, using a 5$ condom (Yeah, they're that expensive in Norway!) every time I wanted to enjoy myself a bit, just hasn't been an option. So I've been looking into latex free toys.

It's confusing though! Turns out that a silicone toy doesn't neccesarily have to be latex free! If only as little as 10% of the toy consists of silicone, the toy can be labeled as a silicone toy. Which means that it can still contain 90% latex.

So, how do I find out that a toy is latexfree? When most online stores only list them as "Silicone"? Well, you have to find one that actually differs between "Silicone" and "Latex Free"

It doesn't help that I get completely lost every time I wander into an "adult toy store". When I was young (i.e. "when the dinousaurs roamed the earth" *giggles*) there wasn't much of a selection. We had dildo's of varying sizes and colours, and some of them vibrated. That's it!

Now there's dildo's, vibrators, bullets, eggs, rabbits, double dildo's, lots of stuff for anal play ... and the list just continues.

So, in the middle of my rather confused exploration of adult toy stores, I got an e-mail from Eden Fantasys. Would I be interested in testing out some of their products?
At first I was sceptical. Surely this had to be some kind of scam? However, their website looked great, so they were obviously a real buisness. So I answered their e-mail, and agreed to join their program.
After mailing a bit back and forth for a couple of days I received a list over toys I could choose from. And guess what! Since I'd told them about my latex allergy, the good people on Eden Fantasys had sorted out all the toys I couldn't use! So there were only latex free toys to choose from.

A couple of weeks after I answered that e-mail my first toy arrived in the mail. Want to know what it was? Stay tuned, you will find out tomorrow

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