Tuesday, May 24, 2011

My new friend ...

I've got a new friend, I'm going to call him Thumper and he'll be living in my nightstand drawer ... 

A couple of weeks ago, I received my toy from Eden Fantasys. I had gotten a list of sex toys to choose 2-3 of favourites from, and was receiving a toy I've been very curious about. One of those infamous rabbit vibrators! I'd seen them on pictures, I'd heard my girlfriends brag about them, I'd even heard about them in movies and tv-series! And now I was finally going to try one out myself.

The toy I received was called "White heat double delights medium".  There was a larger version, but I chose the medium one since I prefer medium sized toys.

When I went to the post office to collect my package I immediately noticed the size of the box. It was small! The box was anonymous so it didn't neccesarily have to be from Eden Fantasys. However I couldn't recall ordering anything online, so it had to be my rabbit.

As soon as I got in the car I ripped the package open. It hardly weighed anything, and at first it seemed that it only contained grey paper. Underneath the paper though, there was an even smaller box. It contained the famous rabbit, which was small enough to fit in the palm of my hand.

I just HAVE to learn to read through the description of things like this properly! Other things I hadn't noticed was the fact that it's waterproof, and a g-spot stimulator.

Later that that night, after the kids went to sleep, I got the opportunity to test it out. I was surprised over how soft it is. It looks kinda hard on the pictures, but it's soft and smooth.

I had gotten permission from M earlier in the day to test it out and so I did. I didn't expect much, after all ... it's small! Turns out that good things DO come in small packages sometimes.

It felt great! The vibrating bits(bullets?) in both of the heads, plus the "edge" that swirls around the rabbit, really do the trick. Also the fact that it has two heads made me realize why some of my girlfriends swear that the rabbit is the only way to go.

This little toy is the first toy ever that has gotten to live in my nightstand drawer. Also, the small size plus the fact that it's relatively quiet makes it the ideal companion for travel

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