Tuesday, February 12, 2013

The X-files, Part 4

When I reread this I felt almost as nervous as when it happened. Do I regret it? No. Will I ever do it again? Don't know really. Right now it doesn't feel that way, but things change

TMI alert for my friends

So, I did it. He shared me

I did it! I followed Sir’s wishes and he shared me with one of his friends. There's no regret. No shame. None of those feelings of bad morals that I'm supposed to have. Just pride and gratitude to Sir for allowing me to have this experience. For guiding me through it.

I was wide awake the moment the alarm clock went off. This was the day. The day he would share me with his friends for the first time. I felt the nervousness in my body, that little knot of anxious anticipation in my chest.
I took a deep breath and got into the shower. Soon my bags were packed and the dogs had gotten their walk. I actually managed to remember all the things I didn't need ... and forget what I needed! I mean ... panties? Come on! I'm not even allowed to wear them around Sir! So why bring them? Shampoo, conditioner and soap though ... that my friends, would have been a better idea.
So! What do you bring to something like this? No panties that's for sure. A brush is good. That hair is probably gonna be really messed up. Shampoo and conditioner ... semen in the hair? That may have worked for Mary ... but not for most other girls. Soap! You don't want to go around smelling of Axe or some other manly scent. Makeup-remover pads ... Your makeup WILL be smeared, so better bring a rescue kit for the face as well.

Condoms? Don't you think the lucky friend should bring that? Bring one just in case. With taste! After all ... you're gonna suck on it for a while, doesn't hurt if it tastes good.
Under my jeans I had on stockings and no panties. The same stockings that I wore for my first 24 hours with Sir. After being washed and dried they still fit just as well! From now on it's my favourite brand I think. They had a few holes from the velcro on the cuffs I wore. But I really don't think Sir or his friend would mind, or even notice. Deciding what to wear wasn't easy. Slutty is good, but I wanted to feel a bit comfortable in it as well. The choice fell on that little black number every woman should have hidden away somewhere. A bit too short for family parties, but not so short that I'd be arrested if I wore it to a club.

He was awake when I came. Eating breakfast, the scene was so ordinary, so safe that I started relaxing again. My nervousness was almost gone, and when we started kissing it dissipated completely.
He made me kneel where I'd be servicing his friend a few hours later. I gave him a quick blow job. I held my hands behind my back, to see how it felt to do it that way. I closed my eyes, felt the carpet below my knees, the warm air in the apartment caressing my skin. It wasn't as awkward as I feared it would be. I could do this! Really I could! I had to smile a little when the image of "The Little Train that Could" snuck into my head.
However, we weren't about to spend more time in the living room when there was a nice and cosy bed in the next room.
His bed was soft and warm. We snuck under the covers. Lips were meeting lips, his hands were all over me, my hands all over him. I enjoyed the feeling of him under my hands. Smooth skin, coarse hair, firm muscles. I could feel the muscles in his butt and thighs working as he fucked me. Tried not to dig my nails into his back every time I orgasmed.
When we got tired we slept. We woke up horny and didn't hesitate to make out. Which led to ... you guessed it! More sex!

He decided that both we and the dog needed a walk, so we put on our clothes and went outside.  The cool air felt good. It cleared my head and it felt good to stretch my legs.
When we got back to the apartment he decided he needed a shower, I was a bit unsure what to do. Should I stay? Should I go into the living room and relax? I decided to stay and enjoy the show. I watched him in the mirror while he showered, grinning to myself as I got an excellent view of his body. Watching the running water, him soaping himself in suddenly made me feel sweaty and smelly. So, when he got out I asked if I could have a shower as well.

- No time for that I'm afraid
- Oh? You've made the call?
- Yup!
He grinned and I felt all my nervousness and then some rush back into me.

- Oh crap! We're actually doing this!

That's when it felt real for the first time. You know when someone get shocking news and their face goes white, then red, then white
again? I'm sure that my face went through all those stages.

- Don't worry, you'll do great!

If I smiled it must have been the shakiest smile ever. I already had my little dress on, and nothing else but the stockings.
Pretty soon I found myself back bound, blindfolded, plugs in my ears. Sir guided me over to him, made me kneel before him. Not being able to see, and also with my hearing reduced I suddenly felt kinda wobbly. I got a test run on giving a blow job in this position as Sir rarely wastes a chance to have me wrap my lips around his cock.
My legs soon started hurting. I really don't have that kneeling slave position down yet, so I have to work on that I think. I was allowed to sit on the couch while I was waiting. As I sat there I tried not to slouch. It's nothing I've been told to avoid, but personally I find slouching unattractive.
Sitting there with Sir. His hands on me, him kissing me I started to relax again. He started playing with my breasts, and as I felt that familiar tingling start in my nipples he pulled both my breasts out from my dress. Left them there. And here I thought picking a dress instead of a top would leave my breasts covered! My tops have a habit of winding up in a heap on the floor ...
When Sirs friend came I felt kind of relaxed at first. Ready. Waiting.
They started talking, his friend came over to me and all of the sudden I was nervous again. My heart was beating hard in my chest, my breathing quickened and I had to focus on breathing normally.
They were talking about me like I wasn't there. Or, like I didn't matter. I was so nervous that I wasn't able to concentrate. And, since I had plugs in my ears I didn't really hear them anyway. So I continued to focus on my breathing. The nervousness in my body. The increasing wetness between my legs.
There was no desire to back out. I wanted to do this. For myself, for Sir.

Then his friend spoke to me. It didn't register at first ... Since I was unable to make out anything else than a few scattered words, and also since I felt I had no right to listen in on
their conversation, I had stopped listening a while ago.

-Are you talking to me? Sorry, I can't really hear you.

So he talked with me. Asked questions, made comments. I can't for the life of me remember what he said. By now I was so nervous that I was shaking. It annoyed me. That my nervousness got in the way for this.
Then Sir started playing with my breast. His friend joined in. I had no trouble telling who was who. His friends hands were cold after being outside. The combination of having two sets of hands touching me, of having warm and cold mixed together, made me so horny that it was impossible to be nervous anymore.
Sir showed off his party trick. Making me come by pinching my nipples. Those orgasms aren't like my ordinary ones. They're focused mostly in my upper body, making me cramp up. Feels great though. His friend seemed to like that, and tried it out several times during his visit. They both talked about how I would react if a bunch of men suddenly came and pinched my nipples when we were out having dinner or something. I blushed and hoped that would never happen.
Sir stayed to watch. I was grateful for that. It felt safer with him being there. Not that I was afraid anything bad would happen if he left. It was just that nervousness of mine that still bothered me a bit.

It was time for me to perform my duties. I kneeled between the feet of Sirs friend. He pushed my head between his legs, his pants still on. I understood that I was supposed to caress his cock with my head against his jeans. Did my best, but wasn't sure whether or not I did a good job. I could feel the coarse fabric against my cheek, the warmth of his body and his hardening cock. I could tell he was making comments about my performance, but couldn't really hear what they talked about through the earplugs.
Then he took off his pants. Sooo glad I wasn't nervous anymore! Not much anyway. It was sort of too late to back out now, so I just focused on the task at hand. Or, in this case mouth ... since my hands we're back bound.

He was bigger than I expected. Darn! I'm not any good with big cocks. My mouth and throat just seem too small, and I can't take them all the way in. I was certain there would be a lot of teeth, but I tried wrapping my lips around them, so that wouldn't happen.
So I sucked his cock. For a looong time. Trying out different techniques to see what he liked best. I got a couple of face slaps for teeth-action. He didn't hit hard, but I got the point, apologized and tried to do better. I tried not to smile when he slapped me. I kinda enjoy face slaps, they tend to turn me on.

I got a lot of comments about not doing it right. Or well enough. Maybe I should have gotten upset about that? Instead I got annoyed with myself and tried harder. Got tired after a while though, so I slowed down or relaxed my mouth a bit now and then without realizing it. A quick comment every time that happened soon fixed that though.
I had to take a lot of breaks because my feet cramped up. Too many breaks if you ask me. Standing up straight to relieve them a bit. During one of these breaks Sirs friend started fingering me, massaging my g-spot. I could tell I was about to squirt, but could feel myself holding back against my will. Afraid to make a mess on Sirs carpet. They made me lie down, and the friend fingered me some more. They discussed the technique, asking me questions I think? Combined with Sirs hands on me I hardly knew where I was. My brain always gets a bit muddy when I get horny. But, having two sets on hands on me really just shut the logical part of my brain off. I only remember how good it felt. How I hardly noticed what they were saying. But, still I just couldn't relax enough to squirt even if I wanted too. Too soon they decided I had gotten enough pleasure for the moment.

I went back to the task given to me. Doing my best to make him come. It took his while though. I soon found out why! He told me he was enough of a sadist to hold back until he knew I'd get punished for not doing my job well enough. I almost had to giggle as I sat there. Typical Dominants!
I had a really hard time taking all of him in my mouth. It wasn't only his size, but also something about the angle. I've had problems with that before. Cocks that aren't necessarily big, but the angle is "wrong". That makes it near impossible to get them all the way in. If they keep hitting your palate it doesn't really matter if you would be able to relax your throat enough to take them all the way in. However, it's amazing what you can do when you get a helping hand! He shoved my head down and finally I felt my throat open and he slid all the way in. There's something about that feeling. When you feel him all the way down in your throat. I used to hate it, but now that I've learned to relax I kinda enjoy it.

I finally got to use my hands. Clearly he wasn't satisfied with me. So he kept correcting me. Again, I kept trying to do better. I didn't squeeze hard enough with my hands around his cock? What? I was almost afraid I'd hurt him! Well, at least now I know. Should this scenario happen again at a later time. After all ... Sir does enjoy sharing his toys …
Later it dawned on me that at least some of the correcting and criticism was part of that whole humiliation thing? So I don't really know how much of it was "real".

Finally he came. I was kneeling in front of him while he stood on the floor. Unfortunately I was having a slight cold, so my lung capacity wasn't at it's best. Since he was face fucking me at the time I ran out of air just as he came. No time to get that much needed gulp of air. I gagged, gasped for air. It was a complete mess. Disgusting, embarrassing, disappointing. He complained a bit about that, and I can't blame him.
But, finally I could lean back. Lick the semen from my lips and know I had completed the task given to me.

I got to sit on the couch again. Sirs friend left and thanked him for the blow job. I thought he was talking to me. My ear plugs had fallen out without me noticing it, so all of the sudden I could hear what was going on. He wasn't talking to me though. Blush. Embarrassing. Think I have to get used to that feeling.
Why do I like that feeling of embarrassment? Well, kinda like anyway. I don't really know. When and if I do find out I'll get back to you!

Sir came back. Took off my blindfold. As my vision cleared I saw him smiling. He was proud of me! I was happy and content. I was grateful to him for giving me this opportunity, this gift. And a bit proud of myself as well, having dared to go through with this.

I know he will share me again. And I suspect he won't wait long. Hope I'm not as nervous next time! ;)

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