Sunday, June 2, 2013

The X-files, part 7

Ahhhh, the fond memories of the first time I spaced out because of sex ...

As usual there's a huge tmi'alert for those of you who doesn't want to know about the intimate parts of my sexlife ;) ... 

Fucked into subspace

- Ride me, he said

It was the end of a wonderful evening. We had gotten an unexpected opportunity to spend the night together, and didn't hesitate to take it.
I took his cock out of my mouth and eagerly led it into my pussy instead. I let out a moan as he entered me. It felt so good to have him inside me. To watch him smile at me, to see him enjoy himself as I moved my body on top of him.
I love that. Watching him when we have sex. He's so relaxed when it comes to that. No posing, no showing off. Not hiding what he feels. So when I'm with him I don't close my eyes as much as I've done with my previous lovers. I watch him, I smile back when he smiles at me. But, most of all I enjoy the experience.

- May I come? I moaned.
- Not yet, he whispered ...
So I waited, fought back the orgasm. Kept it leashed, right there on the brink of ecstasy until I was allowed to come.
- Come! Come for me my whore!

And I came. I came so strong! Had anyone else called me a whore I'd probably slap them. But when He calls me that it's just a huge turn-on. So he whispered words to me. Called me his whore, his dirty slut, his fuck toy. His to do with as he pleases. His to lend out to his friends, to show off, to fuck, whip or lash. I answered him back. Told him he owns me, controls me. That I enjoy being those things for him, that I turn myself over to him.
Instead of appalling me, it turned me on.

I got the permission to come as much as I wanted. And so I did. There wasn't even any point in counting the times I came. After a while one orgasm just rolled over into the next. I barely managed to breathe between orgasms. Sometimes he took control. Held me and thrust his cock into me. Or just moved, gently but firmly. When he did my orgasms became stronger. Somehow I felt him MORE when he did that.
After a while I got tired, but I didn't stop. He hadn't told me to stop. So I continued. I continued until his face became blurry. Until my breath came in heavy gasps, my hair hung in front of my face and I started losing my balance. So he held me. He held my arms behind my back and fucked me whilst I was hanging limply on top of him.

Somewhere in this time something happened in my head. I was no longer ME, no longer an independent woman having sex with her lover. I was HIS. His whore, his slut, his fuck toy. It didn't matter that I was tired. Stopping or asking to stop wasn't something that occurred to me, it wasn't even an option. I was there for HIS pleasure. And he'd given me an order. An order I'd follow until he told me to stop. Or, until I passed out. Whichever came first.

After a while he turned me over on my back and kept on fucking me. Whenever I managed to keep my eyes open his face was there. Blurry, but it was there. So I smiled, or tried to. He talked to me. Asked me if I was OK, if I was in subspace. I tried to answer, but was only able to make unintelligible sounds. My body wouldn't listen and I wasn't able to keep my eyes focused, or even open.

That's when I knew I was in subspace.
When my body won't obey. When my eyes go unfocused and start fluttering. My eyes "roll back into my head" and no matter how hard I try I can't take back control. I can't even let him know that I'm spacing out, so I just have to trust that he reads me well enough to see it.
That's when I know I'm in subspace. When I'm there all I feel, all that registers is what happens to my body. Not even that registers fully. Most of the time I barely notice pain, unless it's very strong. Pleasure on the other hand registers. More so than usual. Actually pleasure is often all that exists when I go far enough in.
It must be hard for him to know though. What's going on. I think I'm very still? Motionless even? I've told him he can still use me as he wants. Fuck me, hit me, snuggle. Just, not leave me. I need someone close to me when I'm there. Actually, I need Him there. He's my safety line. My anchor in the world of reality. He's what I need to feel safe enough to let go. The further in I go. The closer I need him to be.

So he fucked me some more. Then he fingered me. My orgasms started getting weaker. Not because it stopped feeling good. But because my body got so tired that it didn't manage to produce them anymore. I was still drifting in a world of bliss.
After a while I started registering things again. He was sitting between my legs. Patiently fingering me whilst texting on his phone. I managed to focus my eyes. To move my hand onto his. He stopped and smiled at me.
- Welcome back!
I managed a weak smile

He sat himself up against the pillows, and I started crawling into his arms when he told me to crawl under the covers. I wasn't sure how I'd be able to find the strength to give him a proper blow job. But as before, I'd try. Or pass out ... whichever came first ...
However. He told me to just rest there, my head on his belly and his cock in my mouth. So I crawled down. Found a comfortable position and put his cock in my mouth. He texted with someone on his phone.
I felt safe, comfortable, warm, cared for, grateful. So I drifted back into subspace, and into sleep, and back again. I don't know how long I laid there, but it didn't matter to me. I had no desire to move, to take his cock out of my mouth or to speak. I just enjoyed my blissful moment.

After a while I "woke up" and was allowed to crawl up from under the covers. I thanked him, and we went to sleep.

I've never been fucked into subspace before. I didn't even think it was possible. But he's done it again after that. And I know it won't be the last time this happens.

I just hope it feels as great for him as it does for me.


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