Wednesday, May 29, 2013

The X-files, part 5

As usual, there's a tmi-alert for those of my friends who doesnt want to know intimate details about me ;)

Breakfast with a twist

So it was morning. Coffee was ready in time, baguettes were in the oven and the table was set for breakfast. In spite of the cold weather outside it was nice and warm in the kitchen. Which was good for me since I was dressed as I usually was when Master was at my place. Skimpy dress and nothing else.

Ding! Baguettes we're done and I placed them on the table. Master came with his coffee cup and sat down. I was getting ready to join Master for breakfast when he told me to suck his cock. I looked at him. He was already sitting at the table, so the only way to obey his order was by crawling underneath it. So I did ...

It was tight under there. My first thought was that I needed a higher table if I was going to do this often.
He pulled his cock out of his pants. It was hard, hungry for my lips to embrace it. I crawled over to him, could feel my mouth salivating by the mere thought of giving him a blow job. Here, under the table in my own kitchen.

I had to crawl even further to get close enough. Feeling the cold floor against my knees. A crumb got stuck under my hand. I inched closer. It was a tight fit under there, and at first I didn't think it would work. I wasn't willing to give up quickly though. I tilted my head a bit, and found a position where I could get his cock in my mouth.
He was already hard. He was smooth, hard and tasted of me. I had to smile as I remembered the hot sex we had not long ago. I let out a content sigh as I took him into my mouth. I just love giving him blowjobs!

After some testing I found out that moving my head up and down was near to impossible. Swaying my body gently back and fro worked well though. So I just closed my eyes and enjoyed it. His cock slid in and out of my mouth as I was swaying. I could feel my skirt slide up. The slight difference in temperature when skin was left bare made me very aware of my bum and pussy. Made my skin tingle and it was if I could feel every inch of newly exposed skin. Without thinking I spread my legs a little. Like there was someone behind me. Watching.

There was no rapid breathing, no quick heartbeats. Just a slow, sensual experience. I closed my eyes and every now and then let out a slight moan.
After a while he told me to use my hand. Again there was some awkward trying and failing of positions, but I quickly found a position that worked again.

I could hear him go about with his breakfast above me. Drinking his coffee and chewing his baguette like there wasn't a sub under the table. Like this was just another morning. Strangely enough that turned me even more on, and pretty soon I was back in my sensual little bubble. Slightly moaning as his cock moved in and out of my mouth.

He told me to finger myself, if I could without it disturbing my job. I moved my feet a bit to get better balance, slid my hand up my leg and just felt wetness .... I was so wet that it had started running down my thighs ... I didn't really play with myself. I just moved my fingers around in that amazing wetness, fascinated by the feel of it.
Then he told me I could get up. What? Already? It didn't feel like I'd been down there for long, but my baguette had gotten cold ...

I'm promised there will be more breakfasts like these. Looking forward to them.

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