Thursday, March 1, 2012

Spring and womanly luxury

Have you noticed that spring is in the air? Here in Norway the days are getting longer, and the sun has started melting the snow. Some places you can even see the grass peeking through the snow and in an many gardens the first spring flowers are preparing to push through the cold soil to enjoy the warmth of the sun.
Yes, I know spring isn’t really here yet. But some days, when the sun is warm, and the snow is melting it FEELS like spring.

This time of year I enjoy taking long walks. Noticing the change from day to day. It’s amazing how quickly spring chases winter away when it firsts starts! One day my garden will be quiet, with only the sound of the wind through the branches of my huge tree. The next day I’ll hear birds singing, and the first butterfly is stretching it’s wings.

Just as certain as spring is coming now that it’s March, so is International Womens Day. On this day both women and men all over the world will be marching the streets. Demanding attention for womens rights all over the world. Ofcourse, the fight for womens right is ongoing every day of the year. With brave and strong women who are doing important work.
During the years many things have been accomplished, so there is cause for celebration aswell.

And what better day to celebrate that you are a woman? Why not pamper yourself a little?
Take the dog for a nice long walk if the weather is nice. Feel the smell of spring and enjoy life.
Don’t do housework, buy takeout and enjoy a good chickflick.

Pampering yourself can also mean buying yourself a little gift. As always, I turn to Eden Fantasys when I’m looking for something special.

What about some sexy lingerie? I really shouldn’t have wandered in there when I was doing housework. I ended spending half an hour dreaming over various “outfits” that I’d love to have in my lingerie drawer. 
One item I fell for was this little hot number with some cute cuffs. Ofcourse, those cuffs can’t be used during play, but sometimes it’s just the symbolism you’re going for.
Corsets are a favourite of mine, and this set would look great with a short skirt at a fetish party.

I’m so fortunate that I own a bath tub. Which ofcourse means that I can enjoy long hot baths whenever I find the time. Adding to the luxury of hot water I love to use some bath and body products. Some relaxing bath salts, followed by a good moisturizing cream.

Ofcourse, if I had a partner I’d use some of the more sensual bath items. Since I’m certain that all this pampering would make him want to give me some extra attention. If you know what I mean ;)

However, since I’m single I still have plenty of options. What about this cute little vibrator? It can even be used during your bath! And it fits under your panties aswell … Which would certainly happen if a dominant partner found one of those in my little box of toys.

Also, in March there’s St.Patricks day. We don’t celabrate that day here in Norway, but it sounds like a fun day. I just happen to know that Eden Fantasys will be having some nice promotions around that time, so be sure to check it out!

Become a goddess wearing sexy and erotic lingerie from EdenFantasys

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