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Let me start this review with a short rant. I hate Norwegian customs. I’ve been waiting for my latest product to review for what seems like a small eternity now. I was rather impatient to begin with, sinceI was looking forward to getting these things in the mail. And when I guessed they should arrive soon I got a letter from the Norwegian customs. My package had been detained and I had to send in forms, receipts and confirmations. Well, getting the paperwork I needed was easy. I mailed the good people at Eden Fantasys, and the next day I had gotten everything I needed from there. Then all I had to do was pop the letter in the mail and wait.

And wait …

And wait …

My package FINALLY arrived last week, and I’ve been testing almost every day since. So, you should have guessed from the headline what it is I was waiting for. But just in case you haven’t gotten it yet .. My new sex toys for review are a set of those “loveballs”. I searched through all of the balls that Eden Fantasys can offer. And even for me with my latex allergy they have quite a few options. Finally I settled on a pair of Crystal Balls.

Why did I chose these? Well, one reason is quite simple. They got the best reviews. I love the fact that there are reviews for the products at Eden Fantasys, it makes it a lot easier to choose when there’s a lot to choose from.
The other things that made me choose them is that since they’re glass, they’re also easy to clean. They come in this cute little heartshaped box, which is ideal for storage. I did own a set of plasic balls years ago, and stored them in a plastic bag. So I liked the idea of the box. It’s metal too, so I don’t have to worry about it breaking anytime soon :)

Last but not least … They’re so darned cute! Little pink hearts inside clear crystal balls. The box is cute too. A pink heart, need I say more?  

So, why did I ask to get these? Because this time I actually made a request to be able to test out this specific product. As I mentioned before, I have owned a set of love balls before. A big, chunky pair of plastic balls with a string on the end. Didn’t like the string, they were too big for me and they made a lot of noise.
I had those for the same reason that I asked for these.They're good kegel exercisers. Let’s face it. I’m nearing the magic fourties and I have to, you know, maintain things down there. Since I utterly and completely suck at remembering to do my kegels I wanted to try out balls again.

I didn’t expect orgasms or wonderful sensations. I’ve tried things like that before, and you know those eggs that everybody are so fond of? They only tickle … So, no, not expecting multiple orgasms while doing housework.

So, the review.
I like the size. At first I thought they looked small, but it turns out they’re just the perfect size for me. The fact that they’re not hollow makes them silent. Which is good, since I wore them at a cleaning job the other day *grins*
Also, as I mentioned. They’re easy to clean. A bit of hot water and some soap, followed by some antibacterial stuff does the trick. They’re slippery little bastards though, so take care not to drop them in the sink. Chances are you’ll either drop chip them, or the sink.
I’ve dropped them … on the floor, in the sink and .. in the toilet, which is why I found that antibacterial stuff in the first place. So, hot tip! Do not try to insert them while sitting there. I’ve found that having a towel on the floor is handy in case of accidents.
The only harm from being dropped a lot is that if I look really closely, I’ll find a tiny scratch on one of the balls.

As I told you before, no orgasms. I know some people get them, but I don’t. It is a pleasant feeling though, even though most time I don’t even notice them being in there. I get kinda horny, and very wet. So I’ve found that wearing panties is a good thing.
I also wore panties because I was worried they might drop out. Well, they didn’t. Except almost one time when I sneezed. I also took very good care when I went to the toilet, because when I did those babies really didn’t want to stay in there. It may be a good idea to take them out, and then pop them back in when you’re done.

So, if you have that No Panties rule. You might want to ask for an exception if you’re told to wear them for a while.

After 2-3 hours I felt my muscles getting tired, so it’s apparent that they have to work more than usual.

As for the result? Well, it’s a bit too early to tell. In the meantime I suggest you try them out yourself. They’re worth the money and all us girls need to do our kegels on a regular basis ;)

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