Sunday, August 21, 2011

That firm grip ...

When I speak with my fellow female sub friends it seems that despite all our differences, one thing seems to be (almost) universal. Our affinity for that firm grip in the neck …

That sensation when a strong hand gets a good grip on the hair in the back of your neck, or the neck itself … It seems I’m not the only one feeling that way.

If a Dom I respect does that it gives me the tingles, I get a bit weak in the knees and it’s a really nice feeling. Teasing is almost guaranteed to follow, as it’s apparent that it has quite an effect on me. Blushing is mandatory ofcourse.

If the RIGHT person does that … Well.
My breathing gets heavy, my eyes go unfocused, my knees get wobbly, I get that tingling warm sensation in my belly. More often than not I’ll be unable to speak, but be reduced to a helpless whimper. And all my willpower will just drain away …

So, this must be something ALL Dominants must love right? After all, it takes little or no effort. You can do it in public. It doesn’t involve neither sex nor nudity, so it can be done even though you’re not in a relationship.

But there actually seems to be a lot of Dominants that don’t use it. They don’t like it. Or they forget.
Isn’t that kinda like saying that you skip foreplay because you don’t like it? Or forget?

Oh, that’s right … a lot of you guys skip that part aswell.
Never mind that you miss out on a sub that goes instantly weak and willing. Or a woman who writhes and moans in pure pleasure and orgasms … Not to mention the gratitude you’re missing out on …
So just keep on skipping those steps if it’s too much of a hassle. We’ll just move on and find someone else to have fun with.

To all of you other guys. Yes, i haven’t forgotten about you. To those of you who remember that firm grip in the neck, foreplay, kissing and all those wonderful things that may seem small. But is oh so significant ...

Thank you and keep up the good work *grins widely*

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  1. Aye that! it is indeed a compelling feeling, limited experience that I have... :)