Monday, February 14, 2011

Working out

I'm sitting here in my comfychair, winding down from a wonderful, intense, erotic, sensual, playfilled, painfilled weekend. I have SO much to write about! But what's the first thing that pops into my head? Working out! It's silly I know, but as I sit here and feel all the aches in my body that are NOT from play, I feel that something should be done.

So what kind of training should a good slave do? And why? Well, the answers to that will certainly vary from slave to slave, sub to sub. Once again I'll talk about what goes for me.

It's something I'll be doing a lot I think. Now I can kneel only for a short while, before my legs cramp up and I have to stand up to stretch them.
So how do you practice kneeling? Well, I kneel. After my daughter has gone to bed I move the laptop over to my livingroom table, and do my blogging and surfing in a kneeling position. I sit there until I cramp up, sit in my chair for a while before I kneel down on the floor again. I haven't even done it for a week, but when Master was here this weekend. Yes it's Master, not Sir now ... I'll write about that later for those of you who check back on my blog.
Well, I digress. Back to the topic at hand. Well, we were taking a break from playing. Relaxing in the livingroom with my friend who was visiting. We were all "nerding", surfing and chatting on separate laptops. As I was sitting there I felt I wasn't able to find a comfortable position no matter how I twisted and turned. I started looking longingly at the floor. Thinking of kneeling in front of my laptop as I'm getting used to. I looked at Master and my friend. How would they react if I moved my laptop to the end of the table, and kneeled in front of it? I looked at Him, I looked at my friend, chewed my lip. Then I decided I'd make dinner. Problem solved!
I'm digressing again aren't I?
What other ways to make it easier to kneel? Yoga? Going to look into that.

Stronger arms and legs.
Why do I need that? Well, lets see. Standing on all 4, standing in awkward positions, riding him ... I'll bet there's more ...
The excercises here are pretty obvious I think? Need to strengthen all muscles! It's kinda embarrasing to start shaking after a few minutes because of weak leg- or armmuscles.
My inner thighmuscles seem to be something I need to focus on. For some reason I spend a lot of time with my feet spread wide apart. Hmmm ...

Talking about spreading my legs! I need to become more flexible! I used to be pretty soft and limber, now I can only dream of doing the things I used to find so easy! So far I've only noticed the fact that I'm just not able to spread my legs as far as I used to. However, I'm quite certain that the ability to rest my forehead comfortably on my knees might come in handy aswell.
Only one cure for that! Yoga!

And, last but not least. Increased psysical shape. Nowadays I start huffing and puffing as soon as I walk a couple flights of stairs. Needless to say I can't hold my breath for too long. So, when I deepthroat or get facefucked I have to "come up for air" way too often.
Sometimes though, I seem to find the proper breathing technique. Then I'm able to relax more and properly enjoy the experience.

So ... yoga, pilates and various aerobic excercises? Atleast now in the wintertime. When summer comes the woods will provide plenty of opportunities for me to work out without me even knowing it! ;)

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